The International Association of Reentry
              "Influencing Successful Community Reentry"
  Your interest in public safety, justice and restoration of victims,
  communities and offenders brought you here.  We sincerely 
  hope that you will join us as we mobilize around reentry as a
  focal point for expansive collaborations among social services
  treatment providers and criminal justice agencies to enhance the
  quality of life in neigborhoods and communities across the land.

During the next few years, the International Association of Reentry will strive to be a mission driven and proactive professional association.  The Association's mission is simple yet powerful.  We seek to bring attention, understanding and best practices to the need for and development of offender reentry initiatives.  Since the effectiveness of any professional association turns on the commitment, energy and passion of its members, we would appreciate - NO WE NEED - your active participation.

We advocate for a broad definition of reentry services.  Reentry is all about keeping offenders out of jails and prisons before or after their involvement with the criminal justice system.  Therefore, reentry services are just as relevant in pretrial and probation settings as they are in settings involving parole from jail or prison through mandatory and discretionary release.

Recently, we have seen the return of news headlines announcing the serious spikes in crime rates.  When crime rates were declining through the decade of the 1990's, many politicians and corrections practitioners boasted that their initiatives (e.g., tough sentencing laws, community policing, community corrections and police partnerships, use of intermediate sanctions, implementation of evidence based practices) were contributing to the the decline.  Notwithstanding numerous well-intended initiatives, we are now seeing a sharp rise in crime in major cities across America.  Why?

The recent sharp increases in crime rates and continued high rates of technical probation and parole violations remind us that there is much work to be done.  Through the window of reentry we can promote individual offender and community wellness, social justice in housing, employment, health care and education, victim restoration and minimizing the number of new crime victims!  If we are successful, our neighborhoods and communities will be safer and more just.

Please consider working with us as we respond to the problems associated with crime and justice through robust collaborations across the spectrum of social service, treatment and criminal just service delivery systems.  We need your help in order to ground reentry related programs, policies and practices in stable professional principles that are supported by credible research and/or sound theory.

Thanks again for your interest in our Association.  Please consider becoming an active member!

Mario A. Paparozzi

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